HYBrain visits Google’s Asia-Pacific HQ
Jun 19, 2019

HYBrain Team visits Google Asia Pacific HQ where Google presented business services to the Philippine team with DICT Usec Ibrahim.

1. They transferred to SEA from Japan bcos here will be the next billion users.
2. The arrangement of foods at their pantry are analyzed to keep employees from excess calories.
3. “Share everything” – each person has a performance profile for all to see. “Googlegeist”
4. Every week everyone can ask the CEO and the CEO answers the most voted questions
5. “Data, not opinions” “Don’t manage, lead”
6. “Moonshots” – don’t dream to improve 10%. Shoot the moon.
7. “Just because we’re successful in the past doesn’t mean we’re pre ordained to succeed in the future.”
8. If you’re afraid of change, you’ll run out of business.
9. Don’t use trick questions during the hiring interview
10. Challenges of companies in the Philippines: digital gap and mindset